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                          Tactics to Control Household Finances with a Prepaid Debit Card

                          admin Posted in Personal & Family Comments Off on Tactics to Control Household Finances with a Prepaid Debit Card

                          Enveloping System

                          It doesn’t matter how much money you have or don’t have, budgeting is essential for any family. To put it simply, there is never enough money to go around. There are many methods on how to save money for specific and daily things, but a way that is becoming more and more popular is sequestering funds with a prepaid debit card.

                          This tactic, called envelope budgeting, allows you to put money on the card you either don’t want to spend or that you only want to spend. It is a great way to save money and budget for holidays, vacations, and more. Read below to see all the different ways you can budget household finances and take control of your financial well-being.

                          General Budgeting

                          The way people need to budget the most is in their day-to-day lives. If you don’t have a lot of money or struggle to manage it properly, using a prepaid card you can load money onto or use as a digital envelope to set aside. Things come up in life, especially when you have a family, and you need to have some sort of savings ready for emergencies. With a prepaid debit card, you can have money ready and eliminate stress.

                          Control Children’s Spending

                          Giving your child a prepaid debit card may seem like a bad idea, but it’s actually quite the opposite. Let’s face it, your kids need money for lunch, school supplies, and other things. A prepaid card can provide the independence and responsibility your kids need to learn about money and spending day-to-day. It will not only enable them to save money, it will teach valuable lessons when they overspend. You kids will not be able to overdraft or dip into your savings. Prepaid debit cards can teach children financial responsibility while limit spending.

                          Finance Groceries

                          Groceries are an expense for any household, and using a prepaid card to budget weekly and monthly food can help out a lot. There have experiments on this topic and they show that it can be an effective way to do so. It is important to watch for what the fees are. According to the experts at the site MoneyPug, which is used commonly to compare prepaid cards, you can find some extremely cheap or free prepaid debit cards. There is no reason to spend a lot on fees and other charges. By using this method, you can load an allotted amount onto the card for ingredients and use your usual debit, credit, and cash to pay for other expenses.

                          Save Up for a Vacation

                          Prepaid cards are not just for people who don’t have enough money, they can be an efficient way to save for non-essential yet enticing purchases. You can use a prepaid card, for example, to budget a vacation. There are a few ways to do this, but perhaps the best option is to load the money onto a prepaid card and take it with you abroad. These prepaid debit cards are a very popular way to avoid fees, withdrawal cash, and take a stress-free trip. Not only will it facilitate your saving for a holiday, it will enable you to spend while you are away.

                          Set Aside Money for Important Events

                          Families always run into events that cost money they may not have. Whether it is a positive event like a wedding, a birthday, a religious holiday, or an unfortunate occurrence like a funeral or an accident, prepaid cards can be away to put aside money quickly. When you need cash for something specific, this method will help you avoid using it.

                          There are many ways to use prepaid cards to save. Think of it as a digital envelope to put away cash or as a place to use it while leaving savings untouched. Whatever your reason for using one of these easy and convenient cards, it will likely help you save, budget, and finance household necessities. With the extra money you have, make rewarding purchases. Try out prepaid cards today. It is unlikely you will be disappointed by how you can save.

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                          Top Tips To Bring Back The Fashionista Glam For Moms

                          admin Posted in Personal & Family Comments Off on Top Tips To Bring Back The Fashionista Glam For Moms

                          Bring Back The Glam for Moms

                          Being a mother is the most difficult job in this world. Every one of us loves our moms, but sometimes we feel sad when we see they lose their glam. They have swimming lessons to drive their kids to, lunch or dinner to prepare, Legos to avoid stepping on and all the unexplained things stuck on their shirts. Being a mother comes with daunting challenges that they don’t even have time to think on what to wear. The yoga/leggings-wearing-mom has become a stereotype. However, being a busy mother does not mean trading convenience for style.

                          Here are a few tips for all the mothers out there to bring back their glam.

                          Little Black Blazers

                          The great thing about blazers that a lot of people don’t know is that it is so versatile. We have put an emphasis on this just because you can use it on a casual Friday or a lavish dinner date at a fancy restaurant. So if you don’t have a black blazer in your closet, rush to a nearby mall or look for one at online shops such as Bonprix. Bonprix’s great deals and offers are significantly cheaper compared to those blazers found in shopping centers.

                          Open Cardigans

                          In today’s fashion world, open cardigans have become the new jacket or sweater. Using oversized cardigan compliments skinny jeans and boosts the look to a more fashionable level. On the other hand, cropped cardigans placed over an untucked button-down will give you a more casual girly look. If you are not into knitted or woven cardigans, Newchic provides cardigan alternatives that will fit your fashion style. Avail of the discount coupons and all offers of Newchic so you can get a hand of their unique open cardigans that is cozy and stylish, a perfect match for your outfits.

                          Use Accessories

                          Do you feel that your outfit is plain? Then take out those jewelries outside of the box and put them to good use. Use your treasures and check which matches your outfit or what makes you look glam. If you’re not into jewelries, a scarf with a great print will do the trick. You can wrap the scarf on you neck or just tie it to your bag to add extra fashion points.


                          Using layered outfits is an exemplary way to be glamorous, comfy and warm, all these while flattering your sexy curves. You will also never worry about bulkiness, layering tops and leggings anymore! Layers are perfect for daily wear, and having classic colors with stylish prints can emphasize any woman’s fashion sense and shape. If you are a single mom going on a date, use layers so you won’t be worrying about how you look on your intimate encounter. Still looking for someone special? Spice up your life with Lexa dating app!

                          Good Hair

                          Everyone knows the hackneyed phrase that “the hair is a woman’s crowning glory” because it really makes sense. Busy moms often resort to messy buns to cover up their lack of time to fix themselves but to be honest, you should still invest time for yourself and go to a salon to get your hair treatment. Cut whatever needs to be cut, get a hair rebond to revive your look and have that extra youthful glam as you used to have.

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                          Waist Training: Is it Right for You?

                          admin Posted in Personal & Family Comments Off on Waist Training: Is it Right for You?

                          Waist Training: Is it Right for You?

                          We’ve all heard of waist training, but unless you’re an avid follower of Hollywood A-listers, for the majority of us this latest fitness craze is a bit of an enigma. So, what is waist training? How does it work? And the all-important question: is it right for you? If you’re thinking of slimming down for a Christmas party – or already planning your New Year dieting resolution – then this article could help you decide whether to try this new slimming method.

                          What is waist training?

                          While it’s only hit the headlines in recent years, waist training has in fact been around since Victorian times, when women used corsets to shrink their waists to miniscule proportions. As fashions and the ‘ideal’ body shape changed over the years, to the more boyish, athletic physique of the late 20th Century, their popularity dwindled. However, thanks to the power of social media and the public’s obsession with A-listers such as Kim Kardashian, killer curves have never been more popular. Indeed, when Kylie Jenner posted an image of herself wearing a waist trainer it got 1.4 million likes on Instagram! As a result, the hourglass fuller figure is now very much back in vogue.

                          But unlike the steel-boned, asphyxia-inducing corsets of the past, modern waist trainers are supple, wide belts. Known as waist trainers or waist cinchers, they’re typically made of softer materials and can be tightened to achieve the desired effect. While the likes of Kim K can typically be seen wearing this underwear as outerwear, the actual idea is for them to be worn under clothing. And they’re not just touted as a quick fix – if used as part of an exercise and diet programme, there are numerous positive testimonials out there that support long-term shrinking effects.

                          How do waist trainers work?

                          does waist training work

                          Waist Trainer

                          According to the science, waist trainers don’t remould the body just because of constriction. The theory is that they should be worn during exercise, as they create thermogenesis (i.e. you got hot wearing them) and this melts away the fat, as well as releasing toxins via perspiration. While these claims are disputed by the scientific community, wearers will lose water weight, although this effect will be short term. It’s far more likely that, as part of an overall fitness regime, people wearing waist trainers will have good exercise goals and be on a diet. Indeed, manufacturers recommend that wearers eat small meals throughout the day, as this stimulates metabolism. While this effect on metabolism is again questioned by researchers, wearing a waist trainer definitely helps lower food intake, as it would be uncomfortable eating large meals.

                          One unexpected positive effect of waist trainers is that they can help improve posture, increasing core strength and helping you maximise your workout. This benefit is really good news for all Moms out there, many of whom are left with weaker backs after giving birth.

                          If you’re thinking of embarking on this fitness programme, make sure you build up your use over time. Begin by just wearing the waist trainer for half an hour a day, while you get used to the feel of it, and increase your use over time, to a maximum of 8 hours a day. The key here is to listen to your body – if it’s uncomfortable, wear it for less time.

                          Are there any health risks?

                          This is where waist trainers do get a bad press. If not worn correctly – too small, overtightened or worn for too long – there are definite health risks. These include:

                          • Impact on breathing – as was the case for their Victorian counterparts, if too tight they can restrict your breathing pattern, making you light headed. This is a particularly dangerous side effect if you’re planning on a strenuous work out.
                          • Skin irritation – raised temperature and increased sweating can cause skin irritation and lead to skin infections.
                          • Displacement of internal organs – the constriction can cause your internal organs to shift, affecting bowel function and leading to acid reflux.
                          • Danger to developing bodies – waist trainers are also particularly dangerous for young girls, whose bodies are still developing. Given the power social media holds over this demographic, this is a major issue for Moms out there.
                          • Impact on mental health – for teenagers and adults alike, holding yourself to unrealistic ideals can lead to feelings of low esteem and mental health issues.

                          So is waist training right for you?

                          shapewear results

                          Waist Training Results

                          All these risks aside, if fitted properly and worn according to guidelines, there’s no doubt that waist trainers can help women shrink down their waists to a smaller, firmer shape. Just be aware that they won’t work on their own. While being worn, they can reduce waist size by up to an incredible 4 inches, but unless accompanied by a strong exercise routine and strict diet plan, the effects will be short lived.

                          One thing that can’t be ignored is their power, when used properly, to help us mould our own figures. After all, how many of us lose weight, but it doesn’t come off of the area we want to slim down? Exercise can help, but with the aid of a waist trainer you can control your own shape, create your curves and achieve that hourglass silhouette.Facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestlinkedinrssinstagram

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